Informed Ideation

We run ideation and Design Thinking sessions with clients using our unique “Informed Intution” methodology. Our “Informed Intuition” Design Thinking sessions leverage neurological priming, allowing us to extract unique insights from the diverse participants in our sessions.

Feasibility First

We have partnered with companies launching exciting initiatives for over 15 years. We develop analytical and financial models to establish investor ready feasiblity studies and business cases. We specialize in bringing a strong data component and industry expertise to our studies.

We develop dynamic financial models that help project the financial potential and risk associated with new business. Our models include custom monthly and annual integrated cash flow and balance sheets as well as a comprehensive review of the underlying assumptions in the model.

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After years of analyzing and modeling complex environments, we have practical experience in leveraging system dynamics to develop platform models. We map and model complex systems and platforms, helping clients to define, appreciate and improve upon platform model design.

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Vertical Expertise

We have been operating in market development and strategy for the clean energy market for over 15 years.  We have the capacity to combine practical experience with strategic data analysis of markets and clean energy metrics.

Our team has direct experience working in the public domain at the intersection of innovation and public policy.   We understand the unique nature of how innovation happens and is inhibited by the culture and process of public institutions.

We have worked with hundreds of startups on ideation and assisting entrepreneurs to leverage available data to think through and model strategic and financial options.  We specialize in preparing startups to present data driven business cases.

For over 10 years we have been partnering with leading Health Club Consultants, such as the Atwood Consulting Group, to assess the market and financial feasibility of some of the most ambitious fitness clubs in the US and internationally.

Data Driven Ideation Services

Companies are buried in data, both historical and an ever-growing base of newly acquired data, but often lack the resources of skill, time, or applications to transform this data into meaningful knowledge.

80% of the work in leveraging data is in the preparation. We onboard quickly and operate in a targeted way to clean, organize, and transform your relevant existing data or market research into knowledge.

We then bring the best of class approaches in visualization and data mining to explore data collections and identify key relationships and insights.

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While data can tell us something of the past and present, we can also us it to help us understand potential futures.

What financial outcomes can we expect? If we are going to move the needle, how much can we move it, and what is the broader impact operationally?

Using existing data and information from Design Thinking Sessions, Focus Groups, or other qualitative sources we develop models and dashboards that define potential futures. We articulate likely outcomes and risks from different approaches in launching a new product or service or making changes to an existing one.

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While data and models may help us predict and understand potential futures, they are often based on the past and include meaningful assumptions or reasonable unknowns. Whether it is a statistical model based on millions of data points or a lean canvas map outlining a new startup there is an initial and ongoing need to validate the model.

We help clients efficiently validate models through focus groups, surveys, “MVP’s” and control sets.

Ongoing validation is the difference between a idea and a great product or service. To continue benefiting from models and projections, they need to be continually revisited and refined.

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Once a new product or service idea or planned operational change has reached a launch stage, it is challenging to reach the right audience, in the right way and at the right time to be successful.

We work with clients to leverage data in informing key parts of a launch strategy, including market segmentation studies driven by GIS data or internal data collections.

We help you identify who to target for your initial launch and how to stage the launch with target audiences.

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