If you run ideation or design sessions, you know that effective and sustainable innovation relies on a combination of intuition and analysis from multiple stakeholders.  We address disconnects between stakeholders before a normal design thinking or ideation session during the preparation phase with our Informed Ideation Process.

Better Ideas Quicker!

  • Working with your innovation or strategy team, we develop and deploy a written questionnaire that goes out to a wide range of stakeholders

  • We then aggregate and analyze the insights from all participants and prepare our Priming report which is distributed to participants during a period of Creative Pause.

  • We conduct follow up interviews with all participants to ensure they have reviewed the priming report and collect any additional insights that the questionnaire might have triggered

  • Following the interviews, we then complete a full report of all stakeholders’ insights and distribute it to all participants at least two weeks before a formal ideation session for another period of priming.

  • Informed Ideation ends with an Ideation session that is more collaborative and effective.

We Can Help

Extended periods of validation can have both real financial and opportunity loss impacts on both firms and economies.  In a recent McKinsey article, it was estimated that there is “on average, a 10 to 30 percent performance improvement among companies that tightly interweave data and design capabilities to solve business problems”

While core ideation is normally an internal process, collecting and processing initial input from multiple stakeholders can often be best achieved by outside partners who are perceived as neutral.  With our broad background, we can more effectively interact with and understand the perspective of multiple stakeholders.

Our team has direct experience in facilitating collaboration between multi-stakeholders in ideation and innovation. As the Innovation Manager with the City of Boston’s Office of Business Development, Brian Goodman has worked with the government, industry, and academia for over 10 years to facilitate collaborative solutions to challenges the City of Boston was facing. In addition, as Director of Corporate Relations with Boston University, Brian has spoken on and advanced multi-stakeholder initiatives that have included a wide range of policymakers, academics, and corporate interests.

Brian also partnered directly with Monique Fuchs, Director of Innovation at WIT to run three “ThinkTank Events” which brought together hundreds of participants from multiple sectors and areas of expertise for one-day design sessions to tackle and develop solutions to unique challenges.

Finally, with expertise in both data analytics and ideation, we have the capacity to interface with data science teams and design thinking teams equally, helping to bring the best from these both worlds to the ideation challenge.

Poor integration and interactive engagement in innovation thinking is often caused by;

  • Different Personalities and Skillsets

  • Different Access to Information

  • Different Definitions of Innovation

  • Different Timeframes for Showing Results


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