Being able to mine and extract insights from both internal and external data sets is now a critical part of understanding any market, customer or opportunity.  In the past, mining available data sets was a luxury, now it is a necessity.  While the need to leverage your data is well recognize today, it is often needed within the context of a specific opportunity or engagement and does not justify the investment in an in-house data science resource.  We provide outsourced data mining expertise, allowing you to quickly extract, merge, clean and transform data from multiple data sets and turn your data into the kinds of insights that will inform modeling and design efforts for innovative offerings.

Beyond Tableau

Often when we make decisions we tend to ignore available data that could provide critical insights. Typically this is because the data is not structured or accessible making the process of transforming this data to knowledge too time-consuming.  Even with the emergence of self-service tools such as Tableau, the “munging” of available data and the transformation of it into a workable dataset still represents a substantial hurdle.  Finally, while companies are increasingly developing in-house data science teams to handle these issues, the development of in-house expertise can be difficult and expensive.

Often there is a need for somebody to come in quickly and access a data set for a particular question at hand. Don’t let the hurdles of developing a data science team or your own in-house expertise stand between you and leveraging the data do have to address strategic decisions now.

We Can Help

We have been helping companies developed mine data sets and make strategic decisions for over 15 years. Our work in space proceeds the data science revolution and while we have developed knowledge in critical toolsets to help leverage data and conduct data mining, we are “decision analysts” first who focus on using this information to informed decisions.  For us, the data is one of the inputs in a good decision, but not the only input.

Given our goal of leveraging available data in the context of a particular question or innovative offering, our goal is not to provide a full data science resource but to very quickly and efficiently access available data as it currently stands to inform an immediate decision.  For this reason, we also can come alongside existing data science teams to become an added resource if your internal staff is at capacity with existing projects.

We have particular expertise in data mining large consumer data sets with a focus on Net Promoter Score (NPS) and lifetime value analysis as well as consumer segmentation and profitability analysis.

Data Mining Capabilities

  • Data Munging and Cleaning

  • Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

  • Regression: Linear and Logistic

  • Clustering and CHAID market and customer segmentation

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Customer and Market Mapping in ESRI

  • Tableau and Advanced Data Mining in R


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