During the early stage of a new project or service launch, there are often increased needs for support that are short term in nature. These needs can be filled by outsourced experts to avoid developing unnecessary in-house expertise or to augment existing in-house capacity. We provide support for product launches in the categories below.

Brian Goodman - President
Brian Goodman - PresidentFirst Steps Consulting
John Atwood - President
John Atwood - PresidentAtwood Consulting Group
Leo Ryan - Marketing Executive
Leo Ryan - Marketing ExecutiveEnvironmental Health and Engineering
  • Advisory Team: We have found that industry experts can provide critical guidance during the launch a new initiative. We focus on key verticals where were we can provide industry experts to serve as advisors, sit on boards or play other critical roles as temporary staff during a launch phase. Contact us to learn more about our network of advisors in Health and Fitness, Clean Energy, Public Policy, and for Startups.

  • Web Support: One of the critical requirements during product or service launch in Web Support. The rapid development and maintenance of a website along with the integration of a social presence are critical to reach broad audiences and capture quick feedback during launch. We can provide high-quality short-term web support for your launch from experienced web designers and developers.

  • Marketing: In addition to an online presence, a broad and integrated marketing strategy is critical during launch. If your team does not have strategic marketing skill on board, we can embed a market strategist in your team for a short term engagement to help align an effective marketing strategy during your launch phase.


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