What we can learn from Hurricane Irene about trends

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As I wait for Hurricane Irene to hit Boston, I am reflecting on how Hurricane Irene is similar to a new trend or technology that makes landfall on a population of people.

  1. It usually gathers momentum and strength out of the public eye. Only forecasters can attempt to project it size and trajection.
  2. It has a vortex or core, and tend to sustain itself by drawing in anything within it's reach to the core.
  3. Even though people know it is coming, many people will be unprepared
  4. If you are in it's path, it will be all encompassing. If you are not in it's path, it will be a side note.
  5. While it's impact on a population is somewhat predictable, it's impact on an individual is not.
  6. While one side of the storm tends to get more rain, the other side gets more wind..in other words, it is experienced relative to your perspective on it.
  7. It passes…and is followed by another

Did I miss anything?


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