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Business Case for Large Canadian Bank

A large Canadian bank was exploring the potential of implementing a new customer service model and training program and needed to assess the ROI of the project. In partnership with the Service Profit Chain Institute we helped build a set of projections for the project that was driven by aggregated and analyzed historical data on customer service and assumptions about the projects benefits and impact. Using Palisade Decision Suite, we identified the statistical means of key customer behavior and attributes and projected the impact of improved performance associated with the new program. The result was a business case that was used by senior management to make a decision on moving forward with an $8MM project.

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Customer Service Modeling for Large US Bank

A large US bank was interested in doing a deep analysis of their retail banking customers to identify areas for improvement. In partnership with the Service Profit Chain Institute, we analyzed three years worth of data to uncover key trends and opportunities for new product or service offerings. We identified key components or ‘factors’ that were driving profitability and then build a structural equation model which showed the relative impact of each factor on the bottom line. The result was a dynamic model that could be used to explore the potential impact of a wide range of new offerings.

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Options Analysis for Large Development Firm

A large development firm in Connecticut was trying to determine the right negotiating strategy with an existing tenant. In partnership with the Atwood Consulting Group, we completed a round of primary, onsite research and then developed an options model that detailed the projected NPV of several strategic options for the firm. The options analysis helped determine the parameters for ongoing negotiations with the tenant, and allowed the firm to understand which points of negotiation would have the most impact on profitability for both the tenant and the firm.

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Primary Research, Market Segmentation and Financial Modeling

A large Canadian Energy company was launching an innovative new service offering that was targeting a different customer than their traditional customer base. We worked with senior staff to identify and define the key value propositions of the new offering and then engaged in an in-depth analysis of market trends and size estimates available from public and proprietary data sets. We also designed and completed a national telephone survey which was used to test key product assumptions and to identify key consumer clustering in the market. Using the primary research collected we broke the market out into statistically significant groupings using CHAID (Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detection) and developed a market segmentation scheme. Using our new market segmentation matrix and our insight on the market, we were able to provide strategic recommendations around the launch and deployment of this new offering.