Data Visualization and Exploration


The internal databases of companies large and small represents an ever growing base of insight into a businesses customers and operations. To be competitive, companies need to effectively mine that data and develop data visualizations that lead to key insights and inform decisions.

Whether that information is an aggregation of social conversations around your brand, or operational data stored in a cloud based CRM or consumer facing purchase or behavioral data, there is usually internal data that has already been collected which can provide astounding insights into key directions for your firm.

What we Do

We use industry best data visualization and exploration tools to collect, organize, clean and assess your internal data so that we can build decision analysis models and dashboards that drive meaningful insight.

Using professional data exploration tools, we have the capacity to deliver a wide range of data analysis on historical data including; CHAID Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Text Mining, Business Intelligence Dashboards or Social Sentiment Analysis.

While it is common to hear that companies are concerned about the quality or completeness of their data sets, we can work with just about any data set you have, even if it is fragmented or incomplete.

Benefits to You

  • Organization of structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources
  • Establish a clean, clearly documented data set for further analysis and exploration
  • Review and share insights from dynamic dashboards with your peers
  • Uncover new insights about your customer, your product or your operations
  • Understand the statistical correlation between data points
  • Assess the relationship between variables using Neural Networks
  • We will work with the Business Intelligence tools you have already invested in such as Spotfire, Tableau, Qlikview, Radian6 or SAP