Market Research and Data Collection


Often the information needed to fully tackle critical decisions has not been collected. We assist in the strategy, design and execution of data collection and primary research studies to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

From a simple telephone, mail or on-line survey to more complex focus groups or interviews, we focus on the quickest way to complete what we call a “Minimum Viable Analysis”. We find rapid, creative and cost efficient ways to collect only the information needed to test Your hypothesis about your customers or operations.

What we Do

We are not in the research business to complete massive research projects, we do research and data analysis to inform quick decisions and we strive to find the fastest, most cost effective way to get the targeted information we need. We spend more time upfront defining what information is needed, and save you time and money by not collecting and analyzing large data sets that are related but not relevant to the decision at hand.

Were appropriate, we often partner up with reliable resources for access to targeted survey respondents and for delivery of specialized survey methodologies such as automated telephone surveys or focus groups.

Benefits to You

  • Have your primary research completed by the same thinkers who are using the data to inform action
  • Have us identify when primary research is needed (and when it is not) to fill in data gaps in knowledge
  • Let your information needs drive targeted research
  • Ensure your research effort is tightly integrated with existing data sources so that you end up with a comprehensive data set for further analysis and review
  • Complete research quickly and efficiently by using innovative tools for data collection such as Market Research Online Communities (MROC’s), In Home Use Testing (IHUT) or Social Media Analysis