Data Driven Business Strategy Consulting


For Business Strategy Consulting, data, analytics and modeling are all fundamental building blocks in supporting strategic direction.

We work with you to help translate the key findings from any analysis or modeling into strategic action.

Strategy is about doing something different that improves performance, distinguishes you in the market or creates a whole new value proposition. We believe in strategic direction that is informed by existing data and quality analysis and know we can dramatically improve your performance with this approach.

What we Do

Business Cases

New initiatives often require managers to present a business case prior to a commitment of resources and time. Using our modeling and analytical skills, we help you build and present data driven business cases that can stand up to the scrutiny of potential investors or internal decision makers. Our business cases clearly define ROI and importantly quantify the level of risk associated with new initiatives.

Constraints Assessment

The objective of studying a system is to understand its limiting constraints or bottlenecks. We use our modeling and analytics to produce reports detailing the limiting constrains in your existing operations and make recommendation on how to resolve constraints in a way that improves system peformance.

Lean Business Canvas

One of our favorite engagements is to work with startup businesses who are using data and market research to develop new business models. The vision for a new business typically resides in the mind of the entrepreneur, but we work with entrepreneurs to strengthen that vision by incorporating appropriate data and research to the business model being developed. We use business canvases as tool in working with entrepreneurs to develop a coherent data driven business model.

Market Segmentation

To succeed as a startup or to grow an established business requires focus and proper positioning. Great ideas can fail if not targeted to the right audience. Our segmentation analysis includes a combination of primary and secondary research which is then used to develop statistically meaningful segments using SPSS Answertree and CHAID analysis to establish meaningful clusters. Segmentation clusters are then profiled to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of who their target customers are and how to reach them.

Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis provides a complete industry and market assessment, collecting necessary background for a new venture to make a go-or-no go decision. A feasibility analysis properly defines a business model early and in doing so reduces the risk of wasted investment or delays in getting to market

Benefits to You

  • Clear recommendations and next steps that are supported by data driven models and analytics
  • Supporting documentation for proposing a new initiative to management, investors or partners
  • A summary of key findings and recommendations from research and analysis that is produced by individuals with business experience in your industry, not just data crunchers
  • Fast track your due diligence and access to market insights, because speed to market matters
  • Access the same experts who completed your analysis to support you in execution
  • Actionable road map that links proposed activities to milestones and measurable KPI’s
  • An understanding of the benefits and risks associated with different business options
  • A holistic assessment of your market, your customer and your industry and potential gaps in service or delivery
  • A trusted third party to facilitate a review of strategic options
  • Not just data crunching, but functional and industry experts to generate strategic recommendations that are data driven