Business Modeling


When dealing with complex business decisions, business modeling helps to properly define options and decision points and save companies time and money. We specialize in developing holistic models that are instrumental in framing the context in which your decision is being made and create the capacity to test underlying assumptions and understand strategic options.

In most cases, the process itself of building a holistic model generates profound insight into your environment, and often changes the nature of the problem being asked. A dynamic model will help you see and understand the forest before studying the trees.

What we Do

Financial Modeling

Modeling financial futures helps to define and understand the full range of underlying assumptions that are driving financial outcomes, and it enables decision makers to quantify the range of possible financial outcomes or risk associated with key decisions. Common financial models we help with include Valuations, Financial Statement projections, Product Pricing Analysis, Break-even Analysis,”Out of Cash”, “Time to Close”, Free Cash Flow or ROI

Business Process Modeling

We use discrete and dynamic simulations to assess and optimize a full range of business processes such as business operations, supply chains, IT projects and customer service. Our models are particularly useful for identifying bottlenecks, resource constraints and other quality and cost drivers that impact performance and product outcomes.

Options Analysis

Before making decisions, it is critical to understand the strategic and financial implications of several competing options. We develop data driven options models that allow decision makers to explore several competing options side by side. We use optimization algorithms from Palisade to provide clients with parameter driven, risk optimized solutions.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

For data or business modeling to be useful, it needs to be accessible. We build dashboards that help clients access and understand their data and the models that we create. We build independent dashboards that provide insight into a discrete data set as well as “live” models that access up to the minute data directly from client servers.

Benefits to You

  • Dynamic simulations of your financial or operating environment that allow you to quickly and accurately explore “what if” scenarios
  • Communicate complex dynamics and interactions to a broad audience to facilitate constructive dialog and explore strategic options
  • Integrate hard data and experience into a hypothetical model which can be tested and refined to produce accurate predictive analytics
  • Assess and quantify the risk associated with a new project, a new product or a strategic direction for your firm
  • Uncover constraints that are limiting your firms productivity and growth
  • Break down competitive and personal barriers between internal departments and individuals by collaborating on a shared version of reality
  • Clearly articulate Business Models for new initiatives and explore their potential
  • Uncover positive or negative feedback loops in our operating environment that need to be managed
  • Stress test your operations or financial model with Monte Carlo simulation
  • Build predictive models that are derived from Neural Networks, Multiple Regression, Factor Analysis or CHAID (CHi-squared Automatic Interaction Detection)
  • Segment and profile your customers from existing or collected consume behavioral statistics
  • Uncover potential problems through simulation rather than in practice
  • Access practical feedback to proposed process or business model changes
  • Explore problems or opportunities at different levels of abstraction