Decision Modeling and Data Analysis for Complex Decisions

Seek First to Understands – Data Mining and Research

Have you been collecting information about your market, customer or operations but do not have the time or expertise to leverage this data?

Are you facing a strategic decision that requires the collection and aggregation of data to inform a decision?

We specialize in helping you understand what the data you have tells you about the challenge you are facing and when necessary design and deliver on targeted market research to address any gaps in data.

Using a range of data visualization tools, social listening platforms, statistical software and R or Python we assist companies with Data Mining and Exploration as well as Primary and Secondary Market Research design and deployment.

We believe that to effectively collect, organize or mine data for insight analysts need to understand the business strategy and decisions of our clients.

Our team  brings practical business experience and insight to your analysis.

From Data to Insight – Modeling and Data Analysis

Do you have processes, systems, decisions or options that would need to be understood so that you can make strategic choices?

Do you have potential solutions or new initiatives that need predictive models to assess future risk?

Using existing or collected data, we specialize in developing holistic models that are instrumental in framing the context in which your decision is being made and create the capacity to test underlying assumptions and understand strategic options.

We develop a wide range of models such as Financial Models, Business Process Models, Risk and Decision Analysis Models and Systems Models.

These models are then used to generate predictive analytics that inform strategy around areas such as Financial Feasibility, Business Process or Market Segmentation.

From Insight to Action – Testing a Minimum Viable Offering

Do you want to test a decision or product quickly and early to collect feedback and make design improvements?

Do you struggle with developing and launching an appropriate minimum viable offering?

Once strategic directions have been identified, we work with you to develop a framework for rapid prototyping and testing. We help design and deploy tests of key decisions or offerings that allow you to collect early feedback on underlying assumptions and confirm the viability of a strategic direction before investing the time and resources associated with a full commitment.

We work with design thinking experts to craft beta solutions that generate critical early insight on an offerings viability and features without spending a fortune on development.