An End to Aimless Images – Visuals that Matter

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I am admittedly, a relative newcomer to the world of blogging. By trade I am a modeler and an analyst who has entered into the world of blogging largely out of a desire to connect with and converse with those who are interested in and could benefit from thoughtful models and data analysis.

As I started to blog it seemed as if the images used in blog posts were a critical component in what would attract people to a particular post. Women with thoughtful, quizzical looks. Airbrushed, high density images that acted as a sort of irresistible eye candy.

I registered with stock photography sites and set up my accounts on Flickr and Instagram.

With each blog post I would spend 50% of the time writing the content and 50% of the time looking for the right visual image.

Research tells us that people like pictures. Pictures of people, and more specifically pictures of women. If I get more women on my site, into my blog posts, I will generate more visits more click through’s and more social activity.

The one thing I will not necessarily generate is more business.

The chart above represents the interest in stock images versus info-graphics as demonstrated by search on Google.  This graph seems to suggest that we are hunting for meaningful visuals.

Ironically, First Steps Consulting is about focusing on what matters, focusing on the underlying data, producing visual images that help communicate and encourage. Visuals are extremely important in communicating complex ideas in very simple and concise ways, but I have come to a conclusion after a very short period of blogging.

I will never again in my blog posts use meaningless visual images as part of my content. As somebody who follows my thinking, you deserve better. My time is better spent developing visuals that are meaningful, and your time is better spent consuming meaningful visuals.

As a result of this I am sure that I will actually receive fewer click through’s. I will have fewer followers. I will achieve fewer eyeballs. But, I believe that those people who do follow me and pay attention to my posts will be more interested in the content I am producing. In the end these are the kind of people I want to converse with.


From now on…

– I will NOT spend 50% of my time finding the perfect image

РI will spend 75% of my time creating a meaningful image 


Here are a couple of posts that have inspired this position;

Shocking Truth about Graphics

Infographics and the Science of Visual Communication

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