• We help you understand your customers better
    An understanding of the consumer has always been important, but as the data collected on consumers grows, deeply understanding the consumer is allowing companies to establish a competitive edge in customer service and marketing
  • We merge complex data sets to create complete information rich profiles
    While more data exists on consumers, that data is often "messy" and fragmented. We help companies clean and merge data from multiple internal and external sources to create the most comprehensive profile they have ever had.
  • We model and predict profitable behaviour to inform your strategy
    We use these profiles to identify and model the key consumer behaviors that drive profitability and customer engagement.
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Strategy with a Data Focus

First Steps Consulting provides business modeling and analytics support to help executives and managers make complex business decisions.

While we are a team of analysts, we are also practitioners. Our team are managers and strategists at marquis organizations and we understand the impact of our recommendations.

We are interested in getting to know more about your strategic challenges, and sharing how we can help you leverage data to inform decisions

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Energy Matters 2 U Podcast

Energy Matters

Leo Ryan  from our Disruptive Energy Group provides a monthly "Energy Matters 2U" podcast including engaging discussions on energy efficient technologies and the people behind them. Be sure to check it out!

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