• We create models and run analytics that help you make decisions
    Your business is continuously faced with key decisions that are critical to growth. We focus on understanding the core challenges you face and use data, information and insights to build models and analytics that help you save money and accelerate growth
  • We focus on deeply understanding your data and your customer
    Through data visualization, primary research, interviews, online listening and frequent dialog with key thinkers we learn who you are, how you operate and what your real needs are
  • We emphasize iterative analysis that leads to and is informed by action
    We quickly move from analysis to informed action because the best decisions are improved through experience.
    Tell us about your challenge!

Strategy with a Data Focus

First Steps Consulting provides business modeling and analytic support to help executives and managers make complex business decisions.

While we are a team of analysts, we are also practitioners. Our team are managers and strategists at marquis organizations and we understand the impact of our recommendations.

We are interested in getting to know more about your strategic challenges, and sharing how we can help you leverage data to inform decisions

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Data Bytes

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